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About the photographer

I am a polish nature photographer based in Silesia, the most industrial region of Poland. I was born and still live there with my wife Gosia and our son Łukasz. I’ve been a keen photographer since my early days in high school and it’s back then when I started noticing nature around me paying particular attention to animals, especially birds. Majority of my images have been taken in the Lower Skawa Valley. The area covers the biggest fishing pond complex of the Oświecim and Zator region: Spytkowice, Przeręb, Bugaj and Monowskie ponds. The ponds surround the town of Zator covering the area of 1500 ha. I have specialized in bird photography for the last ten years.

I know it might sound a bit crazy but photographing birds gives me the opportunity to become a child once again by taking joy in building hides, walking in the woods or struggling to get through muddy ponds and swamps. Above all I really enjoy long hours of waiting for the subject of my photographs to appear in front of my camera.

This gives me the unique opportunity to observe nature and gain field experience that no books can provide. Having spent every available hour of my time in the field in the last ten years I have developed a deep respect towards wild animals and the environment they live in.

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